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NauticRP Changelogs v1.0

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New/Updated Scripts
- nrp_alpr (Automated License Plate Recognition)
- nrp_carhud (Speed, Fuel, car damage etc)
- nrp_chatcommands (/me /do /tweet /dw etc)
- nrp_cuffs (Updated Cuffs with sound)
- nrp_dropgun (Allows you to drop your weapon)
- nrp_emotes (Updated Emotes)
- nrp_loadingscreen (New Loadingscreen)
- nrp_jail (Prison System)
- nrp_pause (Custom pause menu)
- nrp_report (Player Reporting)
- nrp_shield (Deployable police shield)
- nrp_slashtyres (Allows you to slash car/bike tyres)
- nrp_tow (Updated towing system)
- nrp_visuals (Server side graphics mod)
- nrp_postalmap (Server side postal map on both maps)
- nrp_tazer (Realistic Tazer effect on screen)

Back End Updates

Lots of backend changes have been made but will not be put in any changelogs, if you find any bugs please report them to a server developer

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