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    * What is your age (IRL) * 13 * What is your discord name and Number (EX. #1111) * Ontario_Blue#9575 * Tell us about yourself (3-4 sentences minimum) * I was born in Adelaide, Australia and raised in Ontario. Since I've come to Canada I've formed a great appreciation in law enforcement in my local community and throughout Canada. This interest in law enforcement is why I decided to start roleplaying on FiveM. I use FiveM as a way to make friends and educate myself on true law enforcement practices. I really hope to start a career with the Ontario Provincial Police when I am old enough, I am aware in the United States they have an explorer program that allow's adolescent teenagers to ride with law enforcement. Unfortunately for myself Canada does not offer this program. I also play a couple of instruments, the Viola and the Cello. I play sports like basketball and soccer sometimes. * In your own words, explain the duties and responsibilities of being a Police Officer. * A police officer is an individual employed by a law enforcement agency with the task of improving and guaranteeing public safety and maintaining order in the community. *Why would you like to join the Los Santos Police Department?? (3-4 sentences minimum) * I would like to join the Los Santos Police Department and be a part of this community as a whole because of how professional everything is. There is a fully functional form, the server looks nice and the people in the server are all nice. I have also been looking for a FiveM server for quite a while and this one seems like a great server. I chose the LSPD In particular, because I see how there is a need for more staff and I really like local police department's. This is also my first time working in a local department on FiveM, so I think it will be quite a good experience. * What skills or assets can you provide to the Los Santos Police Department? (3-4 sentences minimum) * I have many skills that I have acquired from other law enforcement training institutes. I have excellent aim, with and without a crosshair. Throughout my time on FiveM (and really GTA V as a whole) I've developed an excellent manner of emergency/pursuit driving. I also will bring activity and professionalism to the LSPD I am available on weekdays 3 - 10 pm EST usually. On weekends I am available all day and night. * What experience do you guys have with Five M or LEO related role play? (3-4 sentences minimum) * After the time I've spent on FiveM and other platforms I've developed quite a long list of experience and good qualities. I've worked with various different SAHP's and BCSO's on FiveM. Some of my notable experiences have been with the following departments; Forest Hill Police Department - Assistant Chief Of Police, Williamson County Sheriff's Office - Deputy, and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police as a Corporal. * Our department holds values that require dedication. With that being said, we have high expectations for how professional our officers are. Will you be able to abide by our values and expectations? * Yes, I will assure you that I will abide the department's values and expectations to the best of my ability.
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