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    • San Andreas Department of Public Safety Application Below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is your character's name? What is your Discord Name? (with #) Do you have any FiveM RP experience as a Law Enforcement Officer? How many hours per week can you put into our department? Why are you interested in joining San Andreas Department of Public Safety?  Do you understand this is a serious RP community and that RP is to never be broken in-game? Tell us about yourself: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for applying for BCSO - If accepted you will need to attend an Interview in Teamspeak, and then Training.
    • NOTE: While it is simple to roleplay a hardened criminal, all players should utilize words over bullets in all situations. Not every interaction shall start or end with violence. As a player you are expected to create a character that would have real life values and fears. Constantly creating shooting scenarios, disregarding law enforcement authority as in running or shooting at law enforcement or putting little effort forward into your character development is frowned upon. Additionally, this is expected for anyone in Law Enforcement and EMS as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Rules [1] You must have a working microphone. [2] You must be able to understand and speak English. We are an English community and do not support any other languages, this does not mean you have to be English to join - We welcome people from all over the globe! [3] You must respect one another in and out of RP. Derogatory remarks direct]ed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences.. [4] Advertising, including links in steam names are not allow. However, promoting in the proper channels in discord is allowed   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Game Rules [1] Entering the military base or aircraft carrier is not allowed. There is no feasible way you would be able to cross over the fences of an actual military base or step on an aircraft carrier without either being detained or shot on the spot.  [2] Impersonating Police, Fire, or EMS is not allowed. There is no way you could obtain a police uniform, vehicle and standard issue weapon. An RP scenario can be planned with the Civilian Director. [3] Stealing police, ems, or military vehicles is NOT allowed. Emergency service player vehicles can be stolen with proper RP behind it. This includes using specific /me interactions, as well as a reason to steal the vehicle. You have to be in an active cop situation that involves you. For example, /me takes or steals key from officer. If you are confused on what is the wrong and right way to steal an emergency vehicle, use the help desk in discord.    [4] Combat storing/deleting to avoid criminal intent is not allowed. For example, if you get in a police chase, and you damage your vehicle out, you cannot delete your vehicle. It is considered FailRP. For example, if you get in a police chase, and you damage your vehicle out, you cannot delete your vehicle. It is considered FailRP. [5] When EMS are on duty, do not respawn without permission. If you were killed in a way where you cannot be revived, please let the medics know in RP. For example, /me was shot dead,  no pulse. This also applies to when you are killing off your character. A medic will arrive arrive on scene and you will confirm your death. [6] You must RP taking your weapons out. For example: /me Unracks AR from trunk, Pulling a weapon from "your ass" is not allowed and you will be punished. [7] Use of a phone or a gun in prison or when cuffed is considered FailRP. This includes texting and tweeting, unless you have been allowed your phone you can not access it. However if you are doing it for a genuine RP situation, exceptions can be made. [8] You cannot kidnap/rob the same player more than once within 2 hours unless RP is agreed upon. There must be an mutual agreement. Keep in mind, you can be interrupting their RP. [9] You cannot kidnap or kill a cop/medic if they are the only cop/medic on-duty. This will ruin RP for everyone else not involved in your scene. [10] Continued disregard for in game laws including traffic, felony and misdemeanor laws will not be tolerated. This does not mean you can not break laws, just do not constantly do the same things. [11] Just because you are friends with a person, does not permit you to kill them for no reason. Everything must be RP'd out to the fullest. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Rules Do Not:   [1]  RDM Random Death Match [2] VDM  Vehicle Death Match [3] Metagame The act of using out-of-character/external information for in-game situations [4] Powergame The act of using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. [5] Hack/Cheat/Abuse Exploits If you find an exploit, report it to a member of staff [6] Break NLR New Life Rule [7] Combat Log logging out to avoid jail consequences or respawning without permission while in an RP situation [8] Do not speak ooc (out-of-character) unless being spoken to by an admin or a moderator. Never break character, you can use /ooc in chat for this.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Criminal Rules [1] Police Pursuits When it comes to an active pursuit, especially and mainly so in the city, keep your speeds realistic. Driving at a high rate of speed is not valuing your life when you’re traveling at high speeds running red lights. Highways however, are free game. [2] Traffic Traffic signals should be followed to the best of your ability. However, this does not mean you must stop at every red light and wait it out [3] Gangs You can be in a gang, you can recruit for your gang. You can not overpower the police force unless it is a planned RP with the civilian director. [4] Targeting of Emergency Services Directly targeting Emergency Services with little to no reason should be avoided. Having a reason to try  to avoid arrest could work out. CURRENT CONCEALABLE WEAPONS WITH CLOTHING OPTIONS Heavy Revolver Machine Pistol Heavy Pistol Pistol .50 Micro SMG Knife Dagger Hammer Crowbar NON CONCEALABLE WEAPONS THAT WILL REQUIRE YOUR VEHICLE OR A DUFFLE BAG, ONLY TO BE USED FOR A RP REASON AND NOT TO BE CARRIED AROUND WITH YOU 24/7. Gusenberg Sweeper Combat PDW SMG Assault Rifle Advanced Rifle Bullpup Rifle Shotguns ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
    • Accepted  Contact a member of Recruitment Training Division today and schedule your interview!
    • * What is your age (IRL) * —> I’m 16 (nearly 17) * How many hours per week could you put into our department * —> Hmm let’s say I play FiveM 7 to 8 hours a day (calculate it yourself sorry 🙂) * What is your discord name and Number (EX. #1111) * —> Alex Hill#9257 * What is your characters first and last name * —> Alex Hill * Tell us about yourself (3-4 sentences minimum) * —> I am an Aviation Enthusiast who love cops, cake, cookie and aircrafts!  I play Xplane 11 and LSPDFR (more games too but anyways these are main games). I love to Roleplay that’s the reason I am in roblox 😄 I have anxiety so if I don’t start the conversation (off duty) in discord please ping me and start first! I would become friendly eventually!  * In your own words, explain the duties and responsibilities of being a Police Officer. * —> Well main responsibility of a cop/LEO is to Enforce the law as name suggests. They do traffic stops, protect the city/land, they kick off the unlawful crazy maniacs off the street/roads. I love cops 🙂  *Why would you like to join the Los Santos Police Department?? (3-4 sentences minimum) * —> I would like to join Los Santos Police as I might get a chance to be AirOne!!!!! I love Aviation and Law Enforcement so if you guys will give me a chance to represent myself as an AirOne pilot I would be glad and will serve this community for long! * What skills or assets can you provide to the Los Santos Police Department? (3-4 sentences minimum) * —> I just know flying, so I can provide Air Support to all Ground Units! I am good at flying Helicopters in Grand Theft Auto V (after lot of practice). I can fly Helicopters for SWAT/Medics/Police and more of coming soon (like Coast Guard)   Plus I am a Twitch/Mixer/YOUTUBE streamer do maybe my streams can bring more people into this community! * What experience do you guys have with Five M or LEO related role play? (3-4 sentences minimum) * —> I am in around 3 FiveM LEO serves from past few months. I play LSPDFR a lot so ye you guys can figure out how much experience I have in this field. I know all basic and advance things from Ten Codes to Penal Codes to Charges and Law (as far as I would say I can learn new things!) * Our department holds values that require dedication. With that being said, we have high expectations for how professional our officers are. Will you be able to abide by our values and expectations? * —> Yes! After so many hours of work in FiveM servers I can say that I’ll be a good and professional officer/pilot and will serve to the community to the fullest! You guys can give me a try to represent my skills of being a pilot and I bet it’s gonna be awesome! 
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